Food Photography

Food photography is all about lighting and the beautiful details of the food, to create mood and to direct the viewer’s eye to the focus of the composition.
I think we can all easily agree on this one: a good food photographer should make you hungry, and should make you drool. That’s his job, right? When this doesn’t happen, the opposite might be true. Bad photos can really turn you off a place, a food or even a product.
Probably the biggest challenge for the photographer, shooting at a restaurant, is lighting: the available light might just not be suitable. Also, working with glass and ice means you have to deal with highly reflective surfaces, which demands skills and problem solving attitude; it’s definitely a job for a professional photographer. I have been taught how to manipulate any light source, natural or artificial. Personally, I don’t make any distinction: I treat the window and the soft box exactly as the same thing; at the end of the day they are both just a means to an end: beautiful food photography. I specialise in location food photography, and artificial lighting is probably my strongest point; this allows me to be more flexible as I can rely on my own gear and expertise. I need to be able to tell my client the shoot will happen on a given day, and I will execute all the images we agreed upon, that’s what a Commercial Photographer does! Nonetheless I love working with natural light, but I cannot rely on a nice sunny day, especially here in Denmark.
I can photograph dishes from the menu, portraits of the owner and chef, and interiors as well; every client has different priorities and expectations, and part of my job is to cooperate on the creative side, as well as to inform on what’s required to achieve the desired results. Plus, put my clients at ease too, because they need to know that I can always make it happen, and photograph all the images that we agreed upon. Food Photography is challenging, but also exciting and rewarding, especially when viewing the results with a happy client.