Product Photography

In  Advertising and Product Photography the worlds`s do overlap in parts, and that great pictures communicate across all languages and media. There is an old Chinese proverb: “One picture is worth ten thousand words”. Now, with the digital media, I need to make that “one picture”, Great! Get the photography right and the rest of your message will be easily understood. A good product photo really does create a desire to purchase, and consumers often rely on visual images when deciding to buy. So, it is wise to make those images the best quality that they can be made. Then here comes the Product Photographer into the equation.

My aim when photographing as a Product Photographer is to create attractive, crisp and memorable imagery, that makes the product look its absolute best. I take my time on every article that I photograph, giving each shot the attention it deserves, adding a touch of class or mood to the merchandise with my creative ideas, if need be.

Clean, Crisp, Product Photography!

Beautifully clean, natural, and simple with crisp lighting that showcases the products at their best and full potential. This is my style of photographing.
With different staging of lights and composition, I can create mood, atmosphere, fantasy, as well as impact. I experiment exhaustively, exploring the architecture of shape and light so that I can deliver startling photography. This is thoughtful and creative photography, which most people do not think about. But, this can make or break the marketing direction, and if rushed can portray a total different associated with the products, and could later be detrimental to sales.

I like nothing better than producing images that surpass expectations, as totally believe in the photographic saying, “getting it right in camera”. Though excellent product photography however, is only part of my job, good post-production, with the latest skills in Photoshop is is also a necessity. There is a lot to consider with Product Photography, it is just not taking a snap shot and working on it in the computer.