Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography is very hard, because of the different elements. The metals, precious stones, diamonds and other components that most fine jewellery is made up of. Which have reflective qualities that can easily show reflections, and shadows in photos if the right tools and techniques are not used. Often photographing a piece of jewellery is like taking a picture of a mirror – you will see all kind of reflections in it – the lights, the camera, and even yourself.
If you sell jewellery online, you want to show your products in the best possible and attractive way to your prospective buyers. The jewellery may be beautiful and precious, with high a value, but if it does not inspire the potential customer with a beautiful photograph the opportunity to make a sale is damaged. These images can do more harm to your brand than you may think. Using inferior quality images in advertising or on the website will not help the impression that you want for your potential customers.

Possessing the photographic equipment alone does not ensure great images unless the photographer understands how to control lighting and has the patience and commitment, to produce quality images. I can produce the images that are perfect for brochures, catalogues, print literature and advertising, that will also help attract the customer’s eye on the web.
I feel that good Jewellery Photography needs clean, sharp, and crisp focus; which is certainly a huge part of my photographic style.