360 Degree Product Photography

So, what is 360 degree product photography? Basically and simply, it is the process of photographing any given product on a turn table. While that turntable is rotating, and at the same time photographing a series of still photos, which are later processed. This allows the consumer to interact in detail with the product. Seeing the product features from all sides, various angles and even up close, showing off the finer details in all their glory. Helping the potential on-line buyer determine whether this particular product is what they want. Adobe asked online customers about 360 degree photography, and 91% replied that they found the full 360-spin useful.

360° product spins are becoming more and more popular with e-commerce firms. Giving their potential customers a better shopping experience. Some internet firms are even reporting an increase of up to 25% in sales, on their products that use 360-spins . The consumer see’s the product from every angle, and allows them to rotate, examine, and engage personally with the product. With the 360-spin the customer can even get the feeling that they are holding the product themselves’. Virtually giving them a real in-store shopping experience. This makes for a great interaction for every visitor to the site, in the 360° spin.

By using 360-spin photography, this adds to the buyer’s confidence, giving them a higher level of detail compared to a single still photo. Giving firms that use this tool a distinct advantage in e-commerce sales. There also seems to be an increase of the usage of 360 degree product photography on e-commerce sites, due to these facts.