The Road to a Commercial Photographer:

My early career in the British Army has certainly helped form my personality and personal ethos. Giving me strength in adversity along with the ability to get back up when I have fallen off those momentous mountains in life. Speaking literary as well as metaphorically. My extended periods of living abroad and extensive travels around the world, mainly Asia, have given me a greater understanding of other people’s beliefs, cultures, customs and their values. As well as the dream to become a photographer!

Also, my many years in the Aircraft Industry as a pattern-maker, the latter in the Wind Industry, have taught me to look at the fine detail. i.e. a tolerance of + – 0.01mm, when constructing aircraft parts. In my later years, apart from concentrating on my wife and children, I have turned more to my creative side. I always had a passion for photography, but only first started to take it seriously on my “World Trip”, 1995 – 1997. At that time there was still a product called “film”! I used mostly slide or transparency film.

Because of this passion, I returned to London in 2007 with my family, where I studied at the University of Arts London, L.C.C., passing both ABC Diploma and Graduate Diploma in Photography Practice, with Distinction. I learnt to control, and in addition to sculpture, and experiment with light in photography.

In late 2009, I started jnfotos, my own photographic business, in Kolding Denmark as a commercial photographer. It was a rocky experience with some real highs, but I decided to return to education again. So, in January 2016, I started on the two-year AP Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication, at the IBA in Kolding. Here we learn how to use the numerous Adobe Products together, which are now a major part of Multimedia Design today. My focus is on the video side of the industry, learning the deeper parts of Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects and Adobe Prelude on the software side, in addition to acquiring the finer skills to use light in video, and the important factor of audio as well.

Which I finished in 2018, so I can call myself a Multimedia Designer as well as a Commercial Photographer / Videographer.